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Stock, ETF and ETC Trading

Samuel Jones Holding provides international investors with access to shares, ETFs and ETCs from all the major exchanges. Equities from more than 15 exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia can be traded real-time, online and by telephone from 8.00 to 22.00 CET.

North America

  • New York (NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex)
  • Toronto (TSE)


  • Frankfurt (Xetra)
  • Euronext Paris
  • London (LSE, AIM)
  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Madrid (IBEX)
  • Zurich (SWX)
  • Stockholm (SX)
  • Milan


  • Singapore (SGX)
  • Hong Kong (HKEX)
  • Australia (ASX)

You can place, without any additional charges, different types of orders; market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders (only on US, UK, Canadian, Euronext and Xetra markets).

Lombard Credit

A Lombard Credit is a practical way of financing your securities purchases. It entitles you to a credit line collateralised with part of your assets, and you can use it as many times as you may require.

With a Lombard Credit, you can obtain an advance on a current account by pledging to the Bank your assets constituted and deposited on your account. It applies both to assets currently deposited in your account and to those which will be deposited in the future. The Bank determines the maximum rate that can be advanced for each negotiable security deposited. This value is set on the basis of the quality of your portfolio.

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Our Mission

We bring concept to reality and then sprinkle success and we have a winning formula. With everything “in-house” we have access to the greatest traders in the world who are active in some of the worlds biggest stock markets, Currency Exchange Centres and Hedge Funds.

If you need vast amount’s of investment - We can provide.

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